The Bhois

Bhoi is a sub-group among the Khasis. Bhois are the natives of the Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya and the earliest settlers in the northern lowlands. The Bhoi Khasi is a Scheduled Tribe under the generic name Khasi.

Bhoi History and Traditions

The Bhoi Khasi tribe divided into a number of clans like Lyngdoh, Songkali, Lapang, Dorphang.

The majority of the Bhois speak the Bhoi dialect, which is a form of the Khasi language. The birth of a female child is celebrated with great joy. They are matrilocal and the inheritance moves on to the youngest daughter. Most of the Bhois have adopted Christianity but a section still follow animism.

Bhois observe a festival every year where only clothes woven by them are worn which also indicates their importance towards culture and art and their expertise in weaving.

Bhoi Artisan Crafts

Their weaving depicts designs of trees, bamboos, flowers, animals and birds. Bhoi women weave cotton and dye it with leaves of ‘U Nob’ for black color. For dyeing yellow color the bark of the Eurya accuminata latifolia tree is used. The ‘Ka Jrisim’ tree is used for rearing lac insect and still practise sericulture especially with Eri silk.