Corporate Gifting

You’ll agree, giving gifts is always a good thing. And a gift that has a higher order benefit, in addition to its utility value, says a lot about its giver. Whether you’re an individual or an organisation.

Which is why an artisan product from Impulse Empower makes a great corporate gift for organisations who’d like to contribute to a higher cause, while meeting their gifting requirements.

The sale of every artisan product from Impulse Empower adds to creating a sustainable livelihood for women across the seven states of northeast India.

When you buy an artisan product from Impulse Empower, you not only help preserve the centuries-old traditional handloom crafts of the various tribes that live here, you also help in preventing the unsafe migration of tribal women for work, to other parts of the country.

Unsafe migration is what often leads to human trafficking, and the option of work-from-home that our social enterprise offers, serves as a great barrier to trafficking in persons.

You can choose to help your own organisation, as well as over five thousand women artisans in northeast India, by choosing corporate and bulk gifts from any of our products available here.

If you’d like more than 10 pieces of any product, or would like to customise any of our products with a logo or any other message, please contact us, and we will work something out for you.

You can explore the various Impulse Empower products available at our online shop, or choose from any of the categories given below.