Our Business Model

Impulse Social Enterprises is in the business of positive socio-economic change. While we certainly generate profits, our objective is not wealth accumulation for shareholders, but the long-term sustainability of our business.

We aim to grow the Impulse Social Enterprises network, nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and inherent talents of our tribes, and reach more people in need effectively.

Likewise, investors in our social enterprise are those who seek financial returns, only to reinvest it for long-term social gain.

Our profits come from a range of products and services that include artisan products, and tribal bed & breakfast homestays under the Impulse Empower brand; and research and consulting services under the Impulse Social Enterprises banner.

Impulse Social Research and Consulting

ISE has already conducted various research projects and provided consultancy services to government, non-government and commercial enterprises with interests in the region.

To know more about our research capabilities, please click here. To read about our consultancy services for CSR efforts and commercial ventures, please click here.

Weaving new beginnings

We launched our Empower brand of artisan products with a range of MultiStyle Scarfs, Cotton Stoles, and Table Mats created by artisans from the Assamese and Mishing Tribes of Northeast India.

Following this, we launched tote bags, gift bags, laptop sleeves, drawstring bags, and cushion covers made by artisans from other tribes, like the Karbis in Assam, and the Idu Mishmi in Arunachal Pradesh.

We’re currently developing products by the Khasi, Bhoi, and Garo tribes in Meghalaya, the Mizo tribe in Mizoram, and various Naga tribes in Nagaland.

As a result of our cooperative movement, these products not only nurture the traditional craftsmanship of their respective regions and keep them relevant in the contemporary world, they also help create safe and sustainable livelihood options for the women of the region.

The Role of Impulse Social Enterprises

Impulse Social Enterprises provides training, raw material, designs, packaging, branding, marketing and financial support to over 5,000 (and more as we speak) artisans in this effort.

Empowering the People

The key reasons for the adoption of this business model by local artisans is the flexibility of entrepreneurship, with the dependability of income!

The artisans can work from their own homes, stay close to their families and decide how much they want to work. The more they work the more they earn.

ISE is committed to buying the products that meet our agreed international quality requirements. The sustainability of income is guaranteed by our long-term wholesale contracts with both Indian domestic and international buyers.

To read more about our Empower brand and the products we sell, please click here.